Our new online courses

Due to the current situation the Come to Speak Institut experienced a fundamental change: All of our German courses are now taking place online!


But what does this mean for our students? You can join our German courses safely from everywhere now. This means new possibilities for people who couldn’t participate due to the distance or the location of our language school. And everyone can save some money and time from their commute.

Our classes are still taking place in intensive or evening courses at fixed times (link to course dates here). Additionally material will be provided and sent to the participants digitally and contact between the teacher and the students in a Whatsapp group. Of course this provides the possibility for a lively exchange among each other.
Naturally all of our courses are still taught by our qualified teachers, all of which are native speakers.

We want to provide an effective mix of interactive learning in a small group and independent learning with epexels-anna-shvets-4226140xercises at home. The regularity of the bi-weekly or daily classes provides a motivating structure.
Therefore, the change to online lessons definitely opens up new possibilities as well.

Our private lessons are available in an online format, too! The lessons can be arranged individually with the teacher at flexible times.

Take your chance now! The better you speak German, the better you will get along in this country and be able to utilise many available opportunities. Take a look at the dates of our courses here!

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To arrange your German course please call us on  0211 – 913 54 226 or send an e-mail to info@cometospeak.de

Please use the following application form to confirm your participation in one of our courses. For questions or other inquiries, please use our contact form.

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You can even contact us per WhatsApp using the same phone number +49 211 913 54 226, just save it and start chatting with us.

If you are applying for visa, you can find further details regarding the course fees here.