German courses in Düsseldorf:
Our Evening Courses

You do not have the time for a German course during the day because of your job or your studies? Do you have daytime lessons or events preventing you from joining a German intensive course? In this case you can take our evening courses to improve your knowledge of the German language!

Our Evening Courses:

8 weeks per module
Level A1 through C1
3 lessons per day, 2 evenings per week
Enrollment anytime!
3 to 8 attendants

195 € per month

Take your chance now! The better you speak German, the better you will get along in this country and be able to utilise many available opportunities. Take a look on the appointments of our courses here!

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To arrange your German course please call us  0211 – 913 54 226 or send an e-mail to

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 Intensive course (morning, 5 times per week)
 Intensive course (afternoon, 5 times per week)
 Evening course (2 times per week)
 German for work (evening, 2 times per week)
 Conversation course (evening, 2 times per week)
 Online courses

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You can even contact us per WhatsApp using the same phone number +49 211 913 54 226, just save it and start chatting with us.

If you are applying for visa, you can find further details regarding the course fees here.