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You are just getting started in Germany and would like to understand more in your university or at your job? You would like to meet new people speak with them casually in German?

Then you can acquire the basics for your life in Germany: Come to learn German at our language school in Düsseldorf! You will be able to enjoy lots of benefits for a reasonable price.

Five reasons to use our language school:

  • High quality: Our experienced teachers are specialised in teaching the German language to foreigners. They have worked together with people from different cultures and countries for years.
  • Plenty of practical relevance: We will learn German together – in an enjoyable way. In our opinion, active communication is paramount; for example being able to speak on campus, at work or during a spontaneous conversation. What you learn with us today can be directly applied tomorrow!
  • Good contacts: We regularly organize meetups and other casual meetings at our language school. So you can acquaint yourself with other people learning German, who share your problems or interests.  Of course, the meetings are in no way a requirement, so you are not obligated to come.  You can gladly join us when you do have the time!
  • Good accessibility: Our language school is only about five minutes from the main station – which equals four stations with the subway. With the short distance and easy accessibility, you can save your time. We are close to the university as well. Moreover, you can get a YoungTicketPLUS if you participate in one of our courses providing you do not already use a semester pass.
  • Modern facilities: We work with modern equipment and offer new, bright working spaces and cozy chairs. Apart from our textbook, we are implementing a smart projector, which we can use to playfully learn the German language. Interactive lessons are more fun – for all of us!

Which German course is suitable for me?

We offer two different types of courses for our students in our language school:

Intensive German course

In our intensive German courses, you will learn the German language efficiently. By investing time and effort you will be able to progress quickly toward your goals.

Suitable for: Those who will soon start a job or university program and want to advance quickly in order to obtain qualifications.

Duration: 8 weeks per language level

How often: 5 days per week

Cost: Starting from 340 € per month

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Evening German course

In our evening German courses, you can learn the German language at a slower pace. You can attend our courses regularly and achieve your goals over a longer period of time.

Suitable for: Those who are already working or attend university and do not have a lot of time.

Duration: 8 weeks per module

How often: 2 evenings per week

Cost: Starting from 195 € per month

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Which language level is suitable for me?

  • The German language levels range from level A1 (beginner) to level C2 (advanced/fluent). Level C1/C2 is considered to be necessary for studying at a German university.
  • Everyone assesses their language skills differently. If you are unsure about your level, please contact us. Through a personal consultation and a free placement test, we can advise on your current level. As a result, you can make an informed decision on which course might suit your situation.
  • If you notice that your German skills are too advanced for your course or you are having difficulties with following your lesson, no worries! You can quickly switch to another, more suitable course.
  • If you are interested you can always visit us in our language school and have a look at our facilities. For more details, please arrange a personal meeting with us.

Take your chance now! The better you speak German, the better you will get along in this country and be able to utilize many available opportunities. Take a look on the dates of our courses here!

Try for free now:

To arrange a free German trial lesson, please call us 0211 – 913 54 226 or send an e-mail to info@cometospeak.de

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    If you are applying for visa, you can find further details regarding the course fees here.